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Assistant Professor - ENSCM

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Sophie Cerneaux obtained her PhD degree in 2003 from University of Montpellier II working on the development of hybrid organic-inorganic membranes for the facilitated transport of biological solutes with Dr. Hovnanian and Dr. Barboiu. After one year as a temporary research and teaching assistant in Montpellier, she was granted a 2 years position in Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) as a post-doctoral fellow working with Prof. Spiccia and Prof. Cheng. The ARC discovery project was dedicated to the development of nanocrystalline solar cells in collaboration with Prof. Graëtzel, EPFL, Switzerland. Back to France in 2006, she got a temporary research and teaching assistant position working in the framework of an Integrated European program NanoGLOWA, Nanomembranes against Global Warming. She worked on different selective ceramic membranes to decrease the CO2 release in the atmosphere by performing post-modification of various nanofiltration ceramic membranes. Finally, in 2007, she was hired as professor assistant at the National High School of Chemistry and at the European Institute of Membranes in Montpellier, France. Her main research activities are focused on the development of oxide and non-oxide ceramic membranes of capillary configuration for the treatment of wastewater and seawater using ultrafiltration and nanofiltration and membrane distillation processes. With the objective to reach more selective membranes in both water and gas purification, she is as well working on the post-modification of ceramic membranes in the NSA group by chemical grafting or immobilization of designed molecules and self-assembled dynamic systems.



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